Develop a Rehabilitation Plan

What is causing my catch basin to sink? Do I need a complete repave or will patchwork replacement work?  When do I choose route and seal over replacement. Where do I start? Our team is ready to visit you on site, listen to your concerns and develop a plan that work for you.


Repair, Replacement, 


Asphalt Maintenance

The key to keeping your asphalt surfaces from needing costly replacement is to minimize water infiltration by maintaining gaps and cracks when they first appear.  Freeze thaw cycles, salt penetration and surface gouging through regular use all play a role in decreasing the life of your asphalt.  

GTAR, Your Asphalt Specialists

Fully Insured including Liability and WSIB. Contractor Check Certified.


Some damage is beyond repair and new asphalt is required.  Cut, remove and replace patches to restore safety, prevent further damage, and improve aesthetics.


Repair and seal suitable cracks in your asphalt using the route and seal or blow and fill methods.  Stop water penetration and increase the life expectancy of your asphalt surfaces. 


Catch basins often need repair, inside and on the surface.    Restore your catch basins using pre-cast modulocks, repairing inlets/outlets, and replacing damaged covers. 

Services List

  • Asphalt Patch Work
  • Trip Hazard Repairs
  • Pot Holes
  • Catch Basin Repair/Rebuilds
  • Route and Seal
  • Concrete Curb/Sidewalk Repairs
  • Speed Hump Installation
  • Seal Coating
  • Line Painting